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Tabac is a well proportioned black Grand Champion bull. He also has the nature that is so desirable in the Newinn Dexter herd.

He carries the red and dun genes too and has and is still siring show quality red, black and dun progeny. Tabac is a half brother to Shanahan and his sire Snuffbox also well conformed and with good nature.

Tabac is available for use to outside studs to approved cows and heifters.

Brayer Park Celtic-Shanahan

Brayer Park Celtic-Shanahan - Dexter Bull - Newinn Stud
Brayer Park Celtic-Shanahan

Shanahan is an outstanding bull. He is black, stocky and small, but not short-legged. With the characteristics which are most important in a Dexter herd – quality dual purpose conformation and a wonderful temperament, Shanahan is a top quality Dexter bull.

He has displayed this wonderful temperament throughout – as a calf  and now as a mature bull. As temperament is highly heritable, we’re delighted to have him as senior stud bull.

Shanahan’s calves, with quality conformation and the same exceptional temperament, have confirmed his value to the Newinn Dexter Stud breeding program.  Shanahan is now available for natural service to other Dexter breeders.

Shanahan is within the ideal Dexter height standard having measured 112cm at the hip at 3 years of age and has been DNA tested free of chondrodysplasia dwarfism.

When considering a bull, it is wise to check the family characteristics to help anticipate the type of progeny the bull will produce.

Shanahan’s mother, Newinn’s ‘little champion’ Chantel, won ribbons at all the shows she attended including Champion and Reserve Champion. Wherever Chantel went, at shows, field days and displays, she had an ability to draw people to her – ensuring she received more pats than any other Dexter nearby! The extreme friendliness of this dam is a consistent characteristic of all the Newinn Dexters in this line.

It is Newinn Dexter Stud’s policy to never breed with any Dexter who has a poor temperament - regardless of conformation quality. In all Newinn Dexter breed lines temperament is exceptional as seen in Shanahan & his calves.

Newinn Stud’s Dexters have quality of temperament and are true dual purpose Dexter type.

Health and freedom from genetic faults are always a top priority.

Newinn Dexters are guaranteed free from chondrodysplasia Dwarfism.