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Introduction to Dexter Cattle

Dexter cattle are a small, dual purpose breed – producing both milk and beef. They are not miniature cattle as such, but a small breed of cattle.

Originating from Ireland and brought to England in 1882, Dexters are the smallest of the European breeds. The average Dexter is half the size of a Hereford.Versatile and friendly cattle, Dexters are ideal for small acreage, hobby farms, as lawn mowers, shows and as companions.

These wonderful little cattle also have commercial use, providing meat and up to 10 litres of milk per day, while feeding a calf. Dexter beef is known as gourmet, lean and tasty. Dexter milk is of high quality and ideal for cheese and yoghurt making. Hence Dexters are known as, ‘Beefy Little Milkers’.

Dexters mature early, are known for longevity and ease of calving. They are excellent mothers. Dexters come in a variety of solid colours: black, red (chestnut) and dun (including beautiful shades from deep liver through to milky cappuccino!)

The Dexter is a small breed with mature cows weighing between 270–320 kgs (600–700 lbs) and mature bulls weighing about 450 kg (1,000 lbs). The body is wide and deep with a well-rounded hindquarter. Horns are rather small and thick and grow outward with a forward curve on the male and upward on the cow.

The ideal height for cows is up to 107cm at the hip and 112cm for bulls. Newinn Dexter Stud breeds cattle that are small and are all of the long-legged variant. Unfortunately, short legged cattle carry breeding restrictions (joining short legged cattle with other short legged cattle has risks associated with chondrodysplasia – dwarfism). Not a major problem, but restrictive all the same. Newinn Dexter Stud definitely does not breed short legged cattle.

Newinn Dexter cattle are small, long legged cattle – guaranteed!

At Newinn Dexter Stud, our cattle are bred from show winning stock with excellent temperaments and conformation.

All Newinn Dexters are ‘true to type’ Dexter cattle.

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