Dexter Cattle For Sale

Little red Dexter steer

We have the following cattle for sale here at Newinn Dexter Stud: Available right now!  Show quality. Red, black and dun. Age 7 months - 12 months. Red Heifer: Newinn Pollyanna                       … [Read More...]

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Newinn Bulls

Bull 3

information to come … [Read More...]


  Tabac is a well proportioned black Grand Champion bull. He also has the nature that is so desirable in the Newinn Dexter herd. He carries the red and dun genes too and has and is still siring show quality red, black and dun progeny. Tabac is a … [Read More...]

Brayer Park Celtic-Shanahan - Dexter Bull - Newinn Stud

Brayer Park Celtic-Shanahan

Brayer Park Celtic-Shanahan Shanahan is an outstanding bull. He is black, stocky and small, but not short-legged. With the characteristics which are most important in a Dexter herd - quality dual purpose conformation and a wonderful temperament, Shanahan is … [Read More...]

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